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Transforming Healthcare Events: Experience Cloud Unleashed!

Customer Background:

The Healthcare Event Management organization seeks to establish a comprehensive portal to enhance member experiences by providing convenient access to personal information and upcoming events. This portal will enable members to stay informed about roundtable events, connect with relevant participants, and access schedules for upcoming events.


Seamless User Experience:

Ensuring a seamless transition for portal users, making them feel like they have entered a distinct and immersive experience rather than simply navigating a website.

Visibility of Scheduled Event Information:

Making scheduled event information easily accessible to members of roundtables and events they are a part of, allowing them to stay informed about upcoming activities.

Access to Participant Information:

Enabling members to access information about other participants involved in specific events and roundtables, facilitating networking and collaboration.

Profile & Preference Management:

Providing capabilities for members to manage their preferences regarding the information they wish to share with other members and allowing them to customize their event and roundtable preferences.

File Access for Events and Roundtables:

Creating a mechanism for members to access files and documents related to the events and roundtables they are participating in, ensuring they have all the necessary resources at their disposal.